Company profile

Wilhelm T & P GmbH (former Friedrich Wilhelm GmbH & Co KG) has been active as a trading and consulting company for more than five decades, in the course of which we developed long-lasting relationships with companies in Western and Eastern Europe. Our core competence lies in the Eastern European market. With 40 employees at six locations in Austria (headquarters), Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic / Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, we initially specialized in the field textile machinery field and plastics processing industry. Subsequently we extended our expertise to medical equipment, elevators, power generation and environmental issues.


Our company was founded in 1966 by Friedrich Wilhelm senior as a representation agency specializing in the textile machinery market in Eastern Europe. Thanks to his language skills and outgoing personality, he succeeded in establishing close relationships between German-, French- and English-speaking suppliers on one side and Hungarian and Romanian customers on the other side. In former Czechoslovakia he started working in collaboration with a Czech textile specialist.

After the invasion of the Soviet troops (1968) this business initially suffered a serious setback. However, still believing in the potential of the Czech market, he entrusted his son, Friedrich Wilhelm junior, who joined the company in 1979, with the expansion of the business. The number of represented companies increased gradually so that the Czech Republic / Slovakia has become our main area. The following subsidiaries were established after 1989:

Czech Republic and Slovakia

Wilhelm Czech s.r.o. was founded in 2017 as separate subsidiary.
Besides Wilhelm Bohemia s.r.o., which specializes in the field of textile machinery and fiber industry, the activities of Wilhelm Czech s.r.o. brings into focus mediation and consulting on machine technology in segments of the plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Due to the frequent political and economic changes, our subsidiary WILHELM ROMCO SRL is now active in the following branches: textile industry, plastics processing, medical technics, lifts, power generation and environmental issues.


The focus of WILHELM KFT Budapest was originally in the field of textile machinery. However, it has since been shifted towards the direction of machinery for the plastics processing branch.


Finally, in 2002 a trade office in Sofia was founded. The emphasis lies on the sale of plastics machinery, occasionally also of textile equipment.


Since 1994 we have been working together with our partner Agencja Hold Trade in Lodz. The company mainly deals with the import and sale of textile machinery.